Thursday, January 5, 2012

Total Collections of Mahesh Babu's Dookudu

Just to recap on my review for Dookudu, lets see why was my rating for the movie is just 3.75/5.

Though the performance by Mahesh Babu was at top notch....
"Mahesh was as usual brilliant in every frame, whether it may be the timing in dialogue delivery or conveying a message with an expression on his face. His Dances were apt and Fights were great."

....this movie is not a great one like Mahesh's Athadu (or) Pokiri, but due to the festive season and release timing - Dookudu made good collections and stood as the best of 2011.
"Father-Son Sentiment Mixed with Action & Comedy episodes is the plot for this movie. Taking and Screenplay (1st Half) - with hilarious comedy, action sequences and punching dialogues were mind-blowing, but weak narration and screenplay in the 2nd Half, might restrict "Dookudu" to re-write the records of Magadheera or of that matter Pokiri. Weak Story, Music and Lyrics are the other set of draw backs apart from Direction for Dookudu"

And as I mentioned earlier, Dookudu is not that movie - which can break all the existing records...
"Most of the talent was wasted in Dookudu, by taking too many artists in the movie. Lack of clarity and control on the script resulted just another normal hit for both Mahesh and Seenu Vytla. Certainly missed a better opportunity of breaking records! So Seenu Vytla doesn't deserve to be a top league director.. What do you Say?"

If your question is how can I say this? then just click on Read More to find the truth!!

As per my old post on Dookudu Collections (with very basic assumptions and available wrong sources of information), it was totalled to 57,80,27000 (over 57 Crores), that too for just 20 Days. But are these the actual figures? What are the original Total Collections of Dookudu

Makers of Dookudu, will never disclose the actual figures now - after the massive false propaganda they made to secure the rank 1 position in the history of tollywood. But with further research - I have gained some knowledge and understand that, in the current situation, "a Telugu Movie can release at most in 1000 theatres on the day one of its release" and this number would further fall down to below 800 (if not less than that, even if the season favors the movie with no other big releases, as it happened with the case for Dookudu). 

So my assumptions on the Dookudu's Collections with the number of theatres it released (as announced by its makers) were proved to be wrong with the below factual figures:

Lets wait and see if "The Business Man" under Puri-Mahesh combo can make it this time! 
All the best to "The Business Man"!!
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