Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reason for Postponing Business Man Release Date

Postponing any film after the completion of Censor formalities will send wrong signals to the Buyers & Exhibitors. But, RR Camp made a wise move in moving Business Man to January 13 from the initially planned 11th.

If the film was released on 11th and gets a below par response, by the time of actual Sankranthi days ( Jan 14-16 ), Business Man would have lost the festive release advantage to Bodyguard which would be the preferred choice. Now with Business Man set to arrive on 13th, no matter whatever may be the public response, collectons will be the best considering Day 2 to 4 being public holidays for almost all.

Taking the current buzz about Business Man in Trade into account, moving to January 13th is a very good choice to make the most out of this film. Bodyguard, although their makers refuse to admit it may come only on Jan 14.

To sum it all up, Now Business Man will have both Day 1 & Festive Weekend advantage irrespective of the initial response which wouldn't have been possible with a Jan 11 Release.

So is Business Man going to be a Flop of 2012??? Just wait for another 7 Days to know the actual result!
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