Friday, January 20, 2012

Businessman Movie Review by Chaitanya Kumar Vummethala

After a smashing hit (Dookudu), Mahesh Babu joined his hands with Puri Jagan to wrap up Businessman in just 74 days (fastest movie of Mahesh Babu as hero till date). With the immediate previous hit and the festive release advantage coupled with the then industry hit combination has created a lot of hype on the movie, but what is the actual result of the Businessman output and what range of Business is it going to do....? 

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction: Puri Jagannadh who is known for his brilliant direction of simple scripts with the help of powerful punch dialogues has repeated the magic once again with Pokiri (Mahesh Babu), but this time as The Businessman. Firstly we should appreciate the captain of the ship for completing the project in a very short span of time that too with a super star, same time bringing out the quality output. Though the movie is away from reality, the narration and racy screenplay in collaboration with thought provoking and piercing dialogues have added great value to the simple script. 

Jagan's confidence and belief on the subject coupled with the passionate film making and learned experience (he learnt from his recent flops such as realistic "Neninthe") drove him towards an imaginary story line, which would help him in tasting huge success once again. 

While his dialogues acts as missiles, Mahesh Babu was another asset to deliver them with the required intensity and looks. For the selected subject Puri felt that there is no scope for specialized comedy in it and thus cleaverly managed it with a new comer, Ayesha (who acted as Kajal's non-telugu speaking friend). 

Though the movie is away from reality and the subject being illogical (failing to convince a specific set of audience), Puri understands very well that most of the movie lovers are ready to accept these kind of movies without trying to find more logics and reality in it. So in a one word, Puri found the audience pulse and once again proved that he has every capability of becoming a top league directors of the industry. 

Music: Thaman S who gave superb songs for Bodyguard music album has failed to do  the same justice to Businessman, no song has enough power in it (including the item number - we love bad boys) and the lack of mesmerizing melodies are the drawbacks from this department. Background Music is also not up to the standards of the theme of the movie. Though Sirr.. was well started the feel misses as the song moves forward and even the lip sync was utterly failed by the lead pair leaving the song as a pretty normal and never added value to the album.

Editing: SR Shekhar, was left with very few chances to trim the movie and its mainly because of the clarity Puri has on his script and screenplay. Editor has done decent job especially placement of songs were absolutely synced to the movie. Good Job!

Cinematography: Shyam (Sam) K Naidu has excelled as usual and contributed the best to his  Pokiri director's racy screenplay. It is because of his close association with Jagan and an in-depth understanding about the director's vision on the project that brings the quality output on screen. Mr. Naidu has played a crucial role in the success of Businessman Collections, the way he picturized the entire casting has depicted a hollywood movie at parts (thanks to the producer for extending his support to bring grandeur to the movie.

Art Department: Chinna, has a good role to play in this movie and had to face few challenges, especially when there is a limited timeframe to finish the project. This department has done a neat job in constructing a couple of realistic sets, that are required for the subject of the movie.  

Action: Vijay is another asset to the movie of this genre who composed every action episode in a suitable manner.

Production team: Dr. Venkat must be having great passion towards movie and hence the production values in the Businessman.

Artists Performances:
Cast: Mahesh Babu, Kajal Agarwal, Brahmaji, Nassar, Prakash Raj, Sayaji Shinde, Dharmavarapu, Ganesh, Ayesha Shiva, Raza Murad,  Subbaraju, Bharath, Master Akash, Sanjay Swaroop, Puri Jagan etc.

Mahesh Babu as Puri's Businessman is the perfect choice for the stubborn director, this is the suitable statement to describe Mahesh's performance in the movie. It requires lot of shades such as confidence, arragance, intense with slight comedy, lovable expressions and almost zero fear, in the character. With his high energy levels and acting skills, Mahesh has easily portrayed the role of Businessman up to the satisfaction of Puri. The first 30 minutes of the movie will have only Mahesh's peak performance without any song(s) and he maintained the same level until the last scene of the movie, justifying the role. 

Kajal Agarwal has a little scope to perform but did justice to the role with her looks and costumes, specially her onscreen chemistry with superstar in Chandama song has added value. While seniors Prakash Raj, Nassar and Raza Murad have excelled in their respective roles, Dharmavarapu and Ayesha succeeded in bringing some smiles. Brahmaji, Subbaraju, Bharath, Master Akash and Sanjay Swaroop  scored good marks with their small roles. 

Overall Analysis: 
Naturally Businessman will have high expectations due to the fact that it has Mahesh who rendered Blockbuster Hit Dookudu very recently; more over it is coming in the combination of industry hit pair. So the Passionate movie director prepared a tailor made script (though it has an imaginary story) to make it a commercial hit with Pokiri hero, Mahesh Babu. If Jagan has put his 100% effort on preparing the script using powerful punch dialogues in order to elevate the intensity of the subject with his brilliant screenplay and direction, then Mahesh Babu equals that proposition with his power packed performance. 

Though the movie lacks the full length comedy track due its theme and story line, director managed to attract all kinds of audience by mixing a sensible love story between chitra and surya (lead pair) including a little amount of comedy through Dharmavarapu and Ayesha (who acted as Kajal's friend in the movie) for entertaining the family audience.

Starting from the first scene of the movie there are many instances where Puri gets appreciations (Claps) from audience for his intense screenplay and punching dialogues, in addition to this - Mahesh's thorough involvement into the peculiar character helped the movie to reach heights. 

While the movie has its own Negative Points such as illogical bank robbery scene among few other scenes, expansion of his business in a short span of time, weak music and lack of full length comedy etc., every such negative point was completely covered by the Puri-Mahesh duo with many Positive Points like gripping narration, excellent direction & screenplay, meaningful punch dialogues, convincing story line, short length and a new style comedy track etc.,

Thought provoking dialogues mixed with Impractical story-line, but executed extremely well - 3.75/5 is my rating for Puri-Mahesh's Businessman.....
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