Friday, December 23, 2011

Address Proof for Applying Passport at PSK

With my personal experience - I can now confidently say that, the easiest and the best way of submitting an application form for the Passport is through Passport Seva Kendra (aka PSK) with the help of a simple internet application (developed by Tata Consultancy Services aka TCS) by just registering a user account website, filling an application form online (without any errors), booking a suitable / available time slot (sharp at evening 6 PM) and finally visiting the nearest Passport Seva Kendra. You will actually have a choice of selecting the nearest PSK at the time of booking your time slot for an in person application submission process for documents verification and next steps. 

Please refer my old posts at links below, for more information:

However, I found a very few (but very important) hindrances faced by few applicants at the Begumpet PSK and thought of helping all my friends and followers to avoid wasting their precious time by sharing some important tips / information / suggestions.

As per the government circular, the invalid and valid address proof document(s) are:
1) Voter ID Card is not acceptable as valid address proof document (unless all the details mentioned in the card are true and correct and also if it is issued at least one year before the date of passport application) as valid address proof.
2) Ration cards are not acceptable as address proofs.
3) Water Bills, Electricity Bills, Telephone Bills, Gas Connection Documents are valid address proofs (provided the name of the applicant should match with the name on these bills/documents, also applicant should have these bills from the past one year, at the same address without any change in it). 

But the best valid address proof document(s) are:
1) Updated Bank Passbook from last one year (for Nationalized Bank account holders) / Bank Statement for the last one year, along with a covering letter (if the applicant is having an account with a Private Scheduled bank such as Axis, ICICI etc.,). Where the covering letter should contain the correct name and address details (of course even in the statement) including the date since the applicant is holding the account with their bank. The letter should not contain any word called "risk" but bank authorities may use the word "for the purpose of passport" in it.

Note: I have successfully managed to change the details such as the sir name and address in my wife's bank account (that suits my current permanent address and the name I mentioned in her passport application) with the help of the bank authorities in a span of just about 15 to 20 Minutes. All I did was, produced our Marriage Certificate as proof of name change and also wrote a small letter requesting for a covering letter along with the Statement of Account (apart from submitting a request for Account Statement form for the last one year), mentioning the purpose as "for applying passport".

2) If your spouse is already having a valid passport then by enclosing your marriage certificate, you can use it as a valid address proof.

3) Minors can use their Parent's Passport Copy as a proof of address.

To know more about my successful and excellent experience of passport application at Begumpet PSK - Keep Visiting my Blog.....:) its Coming Soon!
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