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Panjaa, a stylish movie with a sensitive story line - Chaitanya Kumar Vummethala

Most are saying the story is not up to the mark, few are saying story is not meant for Pawan Kalyan, and few others are saying that there is a quite resemblance in the story with that of Balu. Box-Office Collections says that the movie is not going to become a HIT! But Just to interpret and express my views on the movie, Panjaa HIT me hard and I enjoyed watching it! May be Panjaa does not have lot of commercial aspects in it but technically its a brilliant effort and especially Pawan Kalyan's performance was at top notch! 

When he chose script for Gudumba Shankar (which has enough comedy in it) people did not liked it!
When he chose Annavaram (which has enough sentiment in it) people did not connected to it!
When he selected Bangaram & Puli (both have enough emotion) people did not accepted them!
And finally, when Panjaa is out they start comparing it with Balu! I strictly oppose that statement because the story of Panjaa goes like this:

Sahaayam Chesinavaadiki Kruthagnatha Choopinchakapovadam Entha Thappo... Sahaayam Chesinavaadu Kruthagnatha Korukovadam Koodaa Anthey Thappu! 

Directed by 
Produced by 
Neelima Tirumalashetty
Nagesh Muntha
Shobu Yarlagadda
Prasad Devineni
Written by 
Abburi Ravi (dialogues)
Screenplay by 
Rahul Koda
Story by 
Pawan Kalyan as Jai
Sarah-Jane Dias as Sandhya
Anjali Lavania as Jahnavi
Jackie Shroff as Bagavan
Sesh Adivi as Munna
Atul Kulkarni as Kulkarni
Brahmanandam as Paparayudu
Tanikella Bharani as Guravayya
Ali as Chotu
Subbaraju as Ashok
Jhansi as Lakshmi
Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao as Sabapathi
Sampath Raj as Sampath
Kishore Ballal as Kishore
Music by 
Yuvan Shankar Raja
P.S. Vinod
Editing by 
A. Sreekar Prasad
Arka Mediaworks,Sanghamitra Arts Productions

Story and Screenplay of Panjaa:
After 8 long years Baghwan's Son Munna, returns back from foreign country and the rival gang (led by Kulkarni, who always wanted to seize the power from Baghwan), takes this as an opportunity to kill both the father and son, it was actually Kulkarni's assistant who sketches this plan by closely observing Baghwan’s moves (by also kidnapping one of the Baghwan’s loyalists, Guruvayyai for gathering more information). But the main opposing power here is Jai, the loyal servant of Baghwan, who enters into the picture and upsets the plans of opponents and saves all the three lives (PS Vinod shot this entire episode in a brand new stylish way, at par to the Hollywood standards and deserves a great applause)!!

Followed by the title song, Jai along with Guruvayya meets Kulkarni to warn him for the murder attempt by his team on his master and master's son, Kulkarni gives explanation for that saying it was his assistant's plan which he always opposed. On a different context, he also tries to offer a price to Jai for stop supporting Bhagwan, for which Jai declines and explains him about loyality. To direct these kind of scenes one should have brilliant thought process, good work by Vishnu. 

Baghwan's team celebrates the return of Munna with "Veyyira Cheyyi Veyyiraa" Song which is another visual treat to the movie lovers! 

On the other side, Munna always irritates Jahnavi (the childhood friend of Jai and a club dancer by profession) with his sadistic acts. Jahnavi always wanted to win Jai’s love, but the latter was never intends to marry her – as both of them raised at same place as a family. Munna also infuriates almost everyone in his father's gang with his atrocious behavior. Munna crosses the line several times by pissing off Sabapathi (a loyal servant of Baghwan), who later forced to join Kulkarni’s team for his survival and self-respect (because of Munna's brutal acts and Baghwan not correcting his son's behavior).  

Parallel to this Jai meets a "PG in Botany" and "Diploma in Plantation" Professional - Sandhya (who actually wants to work in a great nursery for maintenance of plants) as a response to his newspaper advertisement. A couple of beautiful scenes were shot on this pair in the nursery backdrop (including two wonderful songs – Kshanam Kshanam and Ela Ela), a visual-treat to any movie lover. Chotu (Ali), an orphan and a loyal friend / servant of Jai helps him in managing and maintaining his Nursery and plays another key role in the story. Jai falls in love with Sandhya and while he tries to propose the same, a beautiful episode in the coffee shop was picturized on Jai, Sandhya and Jahnavi - followed by an entertaining scene at Jai's flat.

Pre-Interval Episode:

(Technical Brilliance, a very high standard episode in a tollywood movie)

As the story moves forward, Munna kills both Rahul (Kulkarni’s younger brother Sampath’s son, who was kept under Jai’s custody to safeguard himself for safely returning back from the Kulkarni’s dangerous place along with Sabapathi to get the clarification and understand the reason for Sabapathi’s decision to join Kulkarni’s team) and Azhar (Kulkarni's loyal & brave assistant). In continuation to this gripping narration, Munna goes to Jai’s flat to find Jahnavi and kill her for the obvious reason that Jahnavi loves Jai and always stays with him in his flat to escape from Munna (it was actually Guruvayya who provokes the sadist Munna by telling the story on the lines of, “something is running between Jahnavi and Jai – physical relationship, so both of them always spend together in the same flat”).

Another Visual Treat, Jai who is there without a weapon escaping from Kulkarni’s place (throwing a glass piece from a photo frame onto the opponent was captured brilliantly). After knowing the facts from Guruvayya, Jai shocks at hearing the news that Munna had killed both the guys (Rahul & Azhar) and rushes to his flat after understanding the situation. As it was already late, Munna kills Jahnavi nastily and Jai could not resist himself in ultimately killing his boss’s son, Munna. Guruvayya who witnesses all this, takes the situation as an opportunity and joins the hands with Kulkarni (it was actually Kulkarni's offer to Jai in the past). Gurravayya also passes the order to Baghwan's gang to finish Jai as his master's order (for killing their master's son, Munna) which will actually help him in joining hands with Kulkarni without any hurdles. 

Baghwan who upsets for Munna’s death in Jai’s hands, commands his people to catch and get him alive! The Loyal Servant (Jai) who is in a helpless situation doesn’t want to face his stubborn Master (Baghwan), as the result would be killing his master - which is also not his principle and hence decides to leave Kolkata, he explains the entire situation to his loyal assistant (Chotu) and asks him too to leave the place immediately. Sandhya who already reaches her hometown, lefts a message to Jai about the same. Jai after realizing that, he missed the call from Sandhya, checks the message and goes to her village (Palasa) and passes some time there. Jai meets Ajay (Sandhya's brother), Lakshmi (Ajay's lover) and Baamma at Sandhya's home. Here enters the Drink Master, Paparayudu (Brahmanandam), who is the Sub-Inspector of Police at the Palasa Village. 

Jai running on the grass with bare foot, recollecting his childhood life has a great depth in it and was brilliantly picturized (that too in a very short scene) and in the very next frame, Sandhya runs behind Jai to understand his memories and also takes him to the "Santha" (their village market) for reminding him lot more memories on his childhood life.

On the other hand, in the process of interrogating Jai's people - Baghwan's team harasses a bar girl, Chandini (who is close to Chotu) and catches Chotu to gather more information about Jai's address - but the loyal Chotu resists to leak any information and also ready to leave his life for the same. However Baghwan's team finds Jai's photo with Sandhya on Chotu's mobile phone and understands that Jai is with Sandhya and cruelly kills Chotu. They starts searching for Jai with this clue.

As the story moves forward, Jai along with Ashok – had to fight with the smuggler, Samba Shivudu and his gang, who tries to attack on Sandhya at their residence (Sandhya was actually hiding in Kolkata due to the very same reason of her life threat from Samba Shivudu). The fights by Pawan Kalyan here, were mind blowing and reminds his Kushi stunts again!

Sandhya reveals the story to Jai that, Samba Shivudu was a cruel smuggler in their village who never hesitates even to kill poor farmers and villagers for his uninterrupted smuggling activities. Sandhya being one among the tree loving literates at her village, takes it as a responsibility to meet every higher authority to file a petition and complain on the smuggler to get him arrested and hence the result. Jai understands the story now and takes it as a responsibility to kill the bad guy! Jai kills the smuggler (Samba Shivudu) on the name of Paparayudu, the SI. On this occasion, the villagers celebrates the joy with a song called “Bhoomiki Jhaanedu Bhooloka Veerudu” (Choreography was at top notch along with the Cinematography and Pawan Kalyan’s steps in the song are big highlight).

Jai proposes his love to Sandhya in a rather different style (even Sandhya meets him with the same idea by gifting a watch) i.e., by revealing the fact that he is the one who killed Samba Shivudu. He also narrates his past - which goes like this, "After the demise of Jai's father, his mother takes him (along with his sister) to the neighborhood city - Kolkata. But she could not sustain and survive there, instead gets attacked by few bad guys (both the mother and daughter dies due to these bad guys’ atrocity). This turns the young boy, Jai cruel and consequently joins his hands with Baghwan, an aspirant Mafia Leader (for killing those busxxxxs) and eventually becomes a mafia gangster (Jai becomes very loyal to his master Baghwan, who actually helps him in taking revenge and shows a path to lead his life, when Jai was left alone). Both of them form as a team and become a successful mafia gang!!" 

Jai also reveals the entire story to her and finally wins Sandhya's love. 

Sampath's team will reach Palasa to kill Jai. On the same attack Ashok helps Jai and finally accomplishes the task by killing Sampath along with his team. Jai assumes that the same gang has kidnapped Sandhya and enters Kulkarni's place and kill everybody there and targets Guruvayyai after understanding the entire story. Jai kills the fox, Guruvayya and finally reaches Baghwan who actually kidnaps Sandhya. Here is the important discussion between Jai and Baghwan is the crucial episode of the movie.

Songs Tracklist 
No.   Title                        Lyrics                  Singer(s)                               Length
1. "Panjaa"                       Ramajogaiah Sastry  Yuvan Shankar Raja             3:34
2. "Ela Ela"                       Chandrabose           Haricharan & Shweta Pandit 5:05
3. "Veyira Cheyyi Veyira"  Ramajogaiah Sastry   Saloni                                 4:29
4. "Kshanam Kshanam"     Chandrabose           Shweta Pandit                     1:45
5. "Anukoneledhugaa"       Chandrabose           Belly Raj & Priya Himesh      4:27
6. "Paparayudu"                Ramajogaiah Sastry   Hemachandra & Sathyan     5:15
Total length: 24:33

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