Thursday, December 1, 2011

Long and Memorable Weekend at Araku - Visakhapatnam

After our Tirumala, Tirupathi Trip in July 2011 (for my nephew's birth hair ceremony) - again last weekend, we had a four (4) day pleasant and memorable trip, to Visakhaptnam and Araku. 

Thanks to Thanksgiving day, this time it was celebrated on Thursday, the 24th November 2011. So with just a single leave (on Friday, 25th), I have got a chance to enjoy a 4 day (24th to 27th) long-weekend vacation with family. As planned earlier, we took Jet Airways Flight on Thursday Morning at 7AM IST at Shamshabad International Airport, Hyderabad and reached Vizag by 8:30AM IST (believe me it has saved a lot of my time, as I could not take evening/night train before day, due to my office timings). Occupancy in the flight was just 50%, so it was a real fun - changing seats as per our wish (all of us got window seats) and enjoyed watching ocean and ships in it, from an aerial view. Reached my in-laws place by 9AM and here starts my program, immediately after having my lunch - we visited nearby places including RK Beach and a nearby Temple.

Friday Morning, the 7AM train (Kirandul Passenger) from Vizag took us to Araku, and there we have found Naga, an Auto Driver with whom we had a contract for sight scene and transport. Naga was very friendly and helpful - he was with us through out the 5 hour trip starting from our hotel to Green Valley Restaurant for lunch (where he waited for us, for about 30 minutes) then we moved towards Chapa Rayi, via few Scenic beauties and shooting spots, Spent some time in Padmapuram Gardens, Visited Tribal Museum, had Coffee at Coffee House and then he left us back at our Hotel by 7PM.

Naga again got back to us next morning (as per our understanding) and this time he took us in different direction starting with a new restaurant (for Breakfast). After having breakfast, we started to a remote waterfall via Ananthagiri Hills, The View Point and Coffee Plantations on Ananthagiri and also covered Ananthagiri Resorts while returning back, that was a beautiful trip where we enjoyed the scenic beauty of Araku. As it was a long stretch, we could not stop in between at more than five places but at every halt we enjoyed the locations to the fullest.

As discussed, he left us back at Rajadhani Restaurant (Nearby to Railway Station), where we had lunch and rushed to Railway Station to catch our train (the scheduled time was 3:15 PM). But, the train was an hour late so we could able to reach Vizag back only by 9:30 PM! Day ends at in-law's place.

Sunday Morning, as usual woke up late but never missed the plan of going to beach. Spent some time there (only outside the water) and then returned back to the home (in-law's place). After having a delicious food (Lunch), all of us started to Kailasagiri by Maruti 800. I drove the car half the way and hand over the same to my uncle who is better driver than me. Because of the low traffic (compared to Hyderabad), I felt it was very easy to drive in Visakhapatnam. But it was horrible at Kailasagiri (too much rush, may be due to Sunday) and we could not able to spend more time there. After 30 to 45 Minutes, we returned back from there and spent some time near Tenneti Park (beach side view) to enjoy the beautiful view of ocean.

We were still having enough time to get ready to catch our train (Garibhrath) at 8:30 PM to return back to Hyderabad. Final word - the trip was a success, and we enjoyed it! 
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