Friday, December 9, 2011

Pawan Kalyan's Panjaa - Movie Talk

Some say Movie is for entertainment, and few say Movie is a passionate art!

After listening to many of my friends, cousins and colleagues - my view on the movie, Panjaa is as follows: 

As far as Panjaa is concerned the makers of it have made it with full of conviction towards their passion and in a most stylish way with high technical values by covering excellent locations, but failed considering complete set of commercial elements in it. 

The Movie is made with rich classy look as a stylish action entertainer (basic idea), but what's actually lagging is - the script and the screenplay including comedy episodes, mass elements such as powerful introduction of hero, full length songs with beautiful heroines and powerful punch dialogues etc., - which are the vital aspects for a commercial blockbuster hit. 

Background Music and Re-Recording by Yuvan are excellent, but the placement of songs are uttered it seems! As per the sources, Comedy track is also missing through out the film and dialogues by Mr. Ravi paled out.

I don't want to comment further on the movie until I personally watch it!

As usual, Pawan Kalyan Movies will have divide talk on the day one of its release. This time it has further came down and ruled out the option of hit talk (one should forget about blockbuster from Pawan Kalyan with Panjaa). 

Keeping all this aside, please keep visiting this space for the 2nd day talk and my very own analysed review on Panjaa! 
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