Saturday, December 24, 2011

Excellent Experience at Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)

When I first heard about the news on PSK, I felt it was a great news for me (I never wanted to spend much time standing on queues to get my passport). On 5th of December 2011, I have filled applications for both myself and my wife (online) by registering separate user ids for both of us. 

But, unfortunately we were not having sufficient address proofs apart from the Ration Card (and my wife's name is also not yet added in it) which is also not an acceptable or sufficient address proof (Click here to know what are all the documents required to apply  for a fresh passport on regular mode), you may also want to visit here - to find the best option for address proof. Using CEOANDHRA website, I managed to get my wife's Voter ID Card with our addressTo know more about applying for new Voter ID Card / Make any changes in your existing Voter ID Card you may need to visit: Online Applications for Electoral ID Cards

After filling and submitting our application forms online, I have booked time slots for documents submission and processing (we need to login with our registered credentials to website sharp at 6 PM IST to reserve/book appointments). I have also uploaded the scanned copies of our SSC Marks Sheets, Birth Certificates (actually not required for us - but must for those who born after 26th Jan 1989) and Marriage Certificate along with our Voter ID Cards (which are not valid address proof documents, as they were issued just one month back - these were supposed to be issued at least one year before the date of application). 

On the day of our appointment, we get to know that the Voter ID Cards are not valid address proof documents but we have an alternate option of providing with our bank statements for the last one year along with a covering letter (if it is not a nationalized bank) received from Bank Authorities, mentioning the 'date since we are holding the bank account' along with our 'current address' in it. So we had to return back from PSK! However we were given a chance to get back to them with our bank statements as mentioned above within the next 24 hours.

We rushed to our banks on the same day and visited the PSK next morning (with the above mentioned valid address proofs), now we have all the required documentary proofs. This time we were allowed to get in to the next level of processing - we were given token number W-11 & W-12. From here we had to meet 3 different officers to complete our documents submission process and passport application (here original certificates, proofs and filled in application form were scanned and saved for next steps). 

That's all we are out with an acknowledgement slip just under 100 minutes - greetings, ambiance, process - what not everything is cool at Begumpet PSK - Great Job by TCS! Way to go - Indian Government :) its a good initiative though!
Below is my passport application latest status:

To know the complete procedure for applying Passport at PSK - through online please visit:

I am really proud that many of my blog visitors are getting benefited by my posts and one such visitor has in-turn shared his experience at PSK while applying his passport, please read the below email (as it is) that he has sent me personally..

hi chaitanya,

how are you, yesterday my passport had been submitted successfully. i tried to post on your blog but i have some problem with the code verification. so i am writing my experience in psk here if you want you can put in your blog so that it may be useful to new applicants as i benefited by your experience, thank you. 

My experience in psk.

As soon as i went to psk they called according to time slot it is better you come 1/2 hr before if there is no que then they may call you. after that you are called inside after security check. then waiting hall for the token issue. 

Token issuing is some what strict so take necessary and perfect documents as i saw people turned back if they had any mismatch in the documents, if everything goes well they take the documents and again little bit waiting for making your file after getting your file and token number you will be directed to waiting hall and there you see your token no and counter no on the lcd screens provided then you have to  "A" counters where they take your photo,fingerprints,signatures,fees and direct you to "B" counters, till here TCS does great job.

Here Passport officials take care of your application. at  "B" counters we have to wait for some time as there are few people compared to "A" counter, they ask for originals and cross check and direct you to "C" counters.

At "C" counters final check and granting of your passport submission, then  give them your feedback at security and collect acknowledgement and exit .. successfully submitted .

please take some precautions and you will  be through without any problem.

thanks you chaitanya, if you want you can post the above experience.

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