Monday, November 21, 2011

Online Applications for changes in Voter ID Card (or) Election Commision of India ID Card

This is - - very useful link!

One can update / modify their personal details (himself / herself) on their existing Voter ID Card (if they want to make any changes / rectify the mistakes made by either Election Commission of India or by someone from their household), directly from the above link. This is a very good initiative and also useful for many (as 99% of the details in the Voter ID Card are not correct - either because of the person who provides such information or because of the person who saves that information or the one who updates that information into the computer database.

Below are the snapshots of the web pages for filling this online application (for change of details):
Now as shown in the picture above select Form- 8 (Correct your Card) Option from the E-Registration Menu Item. A new window / tab will open as shown in the below picture, which is the actual application form - here we need to fill the correct details and attach a passport size photo graph (preferably - 376 x 413 - size - rectangular photo - you can use ms paint to do this), soft copy right from your computer system. 

Not only modifying and applying the changed details online, but one can also check the status of such application from the below shown page:

Once the Application is duly filled and after saving it by pressing the above shown two buttons "Translate" (which will translate the language from English to Telugu in additional boxes) and "Save" (which will register the application and generates an application number - please find it on the right top corner of the filled application, just above the photography - to track the status). 

Print / Save a PDF Copy of such completely filled application form, which will help you in tracking the status from the below page.  

Not only correcting or changing the details on existing Voter ID Card, but one can also apply or register for a new Voter ID Card from this site sitting in front of a computer with an internet connection.

For More Information on Election Commission of India, feel responsible and please visit the site:
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