Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is Pawan Kayan (with Panjaa) following Mahesh Babu (Dookudu)?

Mahesh Babu is all set to recreate the magic in combination with Puri Jagannadh (The Business Man), just look at the below picture. He also have another set of movies such as Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu, a Movie with Sukumar, and another movie under the direction of Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi (Krish) in his hands. 

Same is the case with Pawan Kalyan, who is currently shooting for his Gubbar Singh has another 2 movies in his hand (a Movie with Trivikram, and a Movie under the production  house of either DVV Dannayya or Dil Raju)!

Its already proven that Mahesh Babu's Dookudu has become one of the biggest hits of the industry and the team have also celebrated its 50 days function in a grand way at Vijayawada. 

Lets see how the strategy was, for Mahesh Babu's Dookudu.

When the movie (Dookudu) first hit the screens, there was not much hype other than the usual expectations that will be there for Mahesh's Movie and the story was also not so predictable pre-release (other than few assumptions such as - movie will have enough comedy and mass elements, due to the presence of King Maker - Seenu Vytla and their title selection). Though the timing was absolutely a jackpot for Dookudu makers to release it, they did not spent much on the publicity and promotion activities rather concentrated on the content and post release promotion work. 

Similarly, Pawan Kalyan's Panjaa is arriving (on 9th December) with a little hype (as of now) and an unclear prediction on the story line - with some expectations on the comedy side due to the presence of Brahmi & Ali, also have not spent too much on pre-release promotional activities (other than a grand audio release function on 19th November 2011 at Gachibowli Indoor Stadium). Having a 2 week gap after Sri Rama Rajyam, Bezawada & Solo releases, time slot for Panjaa's release is also very much apt for the highest crowd puller in the industry, Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Also director Vishnu Vardhan have taken enough care on the post production work with ample time in his hand to mould the movie as the best product for Pawan Kalyan.

Deeper insight and Comparison between Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan:
Pawan Kalyan who is just 4 years elder than Mahesh Babu, has 15 Movies in his kitty (as a hero - apart from the 2 cameo roles in his elder brother's Shankardada duology movies). Out of these 15, only 7 movies were proved to be hit and they were blockbusters, the remaining 8 movies were above average to miserable flops, but have never failed to guard his producers in a safe zone (Johnny being exception). 

Interestingly, both Mahesh Babu and Pawan Kalyan have debuted tollywood with their lead roles at the same age - 25 (Rajakumarudu Released on 28th June 1999 & Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi on 11th October 1996) and had their first blockbuster with their 7th movie (Okkadu & Khushi - having Bhoomika as a common lady lead) and completed 16 Movies each, as of now. While, Pawan had already tasted 5 successive successes with likes of Suswagatham, Tholiprema, Thammudu, Badri & blockbuster Khushi. Mahesh Babu's Okkadu was just the 3rd hit for him after his debut movie Rajakumarudu and Murari - so he has increased the pace to mark another biggest hits to surpass Okkadu. Mahesh had to wait for almost three years for such a hit - but he was surprised with his evergreen best movie (one of the best movies of tollywood) - Athadu* by Trivikram (which has also recently completed telecasting 100 times in MAA TV), after his three movies debacle (Nijam, Naani & Arjun) - followed by the biggest hits of his career,  Pokiri  by Puri Jagannadh (Released on 28th April 2006). (Mahesh Babu's filmography)

Pawan's Johnny (which was his debut directorial movie - released after his blockbuster Khushi  with a 2 year gap) was a biggest flops in his career, and has to wait for another 5 years (after Gudumba Shankar, Balu ABCDEFG, Bangaram & Annavaram) to taste the success in the form of Trivikram's Jalsa (Trivikram is the same guy who survived Mahesh Babu, when he was struggling for a much required hit).  (Pawan Kalyan's filmography)

After Pokiri and Jalsa - both Mahesh and Pawan have created a huge impact on the tollywood box-office and were eagerly waiting to re-write their own records. But, Mahesh failed to do so with his Sainikudu, Athidi & Khaleja as the case with Pawan who failed to create that magic with his last two movies - Puli & Theenmaar.

But now, the 16th Movie of Mahesh Babu - "Dookudu" by King Maker Seenu Vytla released and the below is the result - 

If your question is so what? then start guessing for the answer .......................Yes! you are almost there...............Correct! Panjaa is the 16th Movie of Pawan Kalyan (who is pretty confident) and is all set to re-write the history of tollywood box-office collections, which is never new to him. So my dear friends - just wait for yet another picture like the above with slight changes!
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