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What is Chandrababu Naidu (in short CBN)?

What do we REALLY know about our former chief minister NARA CHANDRABABU NAIDU ?

Today being AP's formation day, thought of sharing something unique about the state (CBN - The CEO of Andhra Pradesh).

Upcoming Graduates, Graduates, IT Professionals, Govt & Private Sector Employees everyone should know about the great leader who is the real person behind today's ANDHRA PRADESH (IN EACH N EVERY SECTOR)!! 

"In the entire 400 years history of Hyderabad, ever since Mohd. Quli Qutab Shahi built the landmark Charminar in 1591, Chandra Babu Naidu since then, is the only personality to bring techno-fame to Hyderabad by establishing the HITEC City which has put our city (Hyderabad) among the most sought after investor destination of India - a feat quite remarkable of politician in today's pathetic batch of politicians of India.

No wonder this model Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh was cited as one of the top 50 stars of Asia by the Business week Magazine and his efforts in promoting Information Technology in Hyderabad has been commended by several international magazines, including Time. The counrty's youngest Chief Minister, at 48, son of a farmer from Naravarapally District, an M.A. and Ph.D in Economics, Mr. Naidu is already a global name. In fact no other state is being marketed to investors the way A.P. is Multimedia presentations, information on CD-ROMs, personal interaction with Industrialists, and industry associations have become a part of Naidu's weekly schedule. Naidu's biggest coup is the decision of Microsoft to come to Hyderabad, thanks to the presentation he made to Bill Gates. Thereafter it has been very easy to convince other computer majors like IBM and Oracle. For all that Mr. Naidu has been done for the Hyderabad leap towards Information Technology, we at Reach-out Hyderabad along with all our site visitors, do acknowledge his vision and hereby given him a standing ovation while declaring him as our choicest Maiden business Personality of the month." - 

FROM Seattle to Shadnagar, the technology man — Mr. Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft Corporation, has come a long way on a mission with a difference — that is of empowering the rural healthcare system by supporting a major vaccination programme through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He had a first-hand experience of the rural healthcare system at the Community Healthcare Centre in Shadnagar, located about 50 km from Hyderabad, interacted with doctors, nurses and took part in the Hepatitis-B vaccination programme.

While stating his continued support to the healthcare sector in the country, Mr. Gates launched the second phase of the vaccination project on Thursday (15th November 2002) in the State. The project aims to cover 1.6 million children each year.

Accompanied by the Chief Minister, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, and his Foundation team members, Mr. Gates flew to the venue in a helicopter and spent nearly an hour with the hospital staff and then spoke to the media about his four-day visit to India and his efforts to support the healthcare system.

Mr Bill Gates talks with Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, at the Community Health Centre in Shadnagar on Thursday. (15th November, 2002)
"We had a great four days in India talking with people across sections. The AIDS epidemic has become a matter of serious concern and we see an opportunity to tackle this in India with early steps. Everybody here is committed to support the cause," he said.

"I am thrilled to meet doctors, nurses and experience the healthcare system. We are keen to support research in India and reach out various services aimed at making a difference. With programmes such as PATH (Programme for Appropriate Technology in Health) we re-dedicate ourselves. We are impressed with the commitment shown by the State Government, its Chief Minister and the doctors. This will bring in a fantastic impact. Some of the funds are being extended to local companies through the foundation, to help them become world class. The object is to fund more scientific research."

With regard to some NGOs alleging that the Hepatitis-B vaccine is unsafe, Mr Gates said that the vaccine was safe and was administered in the US and in about 150 countries. "Now we want to ensure that more people benefit from the vaccine as this is all about saving lives," he said.

In the case of HIV/AIDS, the Foundation is committed to support the initiative to counter the spread. "It will be about 10 years by the time we find the right solution for it. In the partnership with the Andhra Pradesh Government, we have committed $ 25 million and this is a long-term project. The State has committed to take this initiative forward after five years," he said.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have committed over $ 1.2 billion to support the prevention and control of infectious diseases. These grants are for building coalitions with various agencies to guarantee that all children have access to vaccines and new research initiatives towards this effort are funded. The Children's Vaccine Programme strengthens immunisation services and combines the State Government effort to reach out healthcare. This project has been taken up as a pilot so that it can serve as a model for rest of the country, Mr Naidu said.

Thanking Mr Gates for visiting the State and the rural dispensary and supporting the healthcare project, Mr Naidu said that the model of public private partnership initiative has been successful. "We plan to replicate this in the entire State," he said.

Few - Key Notes about CBN:

* He served as the Chief Minister of the State for a record holding of 9 years (1994–2004)

* The state's youngest assembly member and youngest minister at 28

* During his tenure, Chandrababu Naidu was the West's favourite Indian

* The governor of Illinois created a Naidu Day in his honour.

* He also won numerous awards including 'IT Indian of the Millenium' by India Today

* Business Person of the Year by Economic Times, member of the World Economic Forum's Dream Cabinet and South Asian of the Year by Time Asia

* He also held post of chairperson of the "National IT Panel" under NDA govt

* He was described as one of the Hidden Seven working wonders around the world by Profit, a monthly magazine published by Oracle Corporation, US

* Unlike the Congress government, he firmly believed in not giving away the freebies to people and instead asked them for short-term sacrifices for a better future. Most of his schemes would be focusing on a better administration, better infrastructure, better awareness, better education and better Job opportunities to the people

* Chandrababu Naidu, has called for short-term sacrifices to turn Andhra Pradesh into an Asian tiger in his era.

* Naidu is the first politician in India who has very clearly focused on delivering economic results. It's the first time a grassroots politician in India has believed
that good economics and good governance is good politics

* He was the first Chief Minister in India, who computerised the Government functioning and maintained a Government portal.

* He was called as "CEO of Andhra Pradesh"

* Both CNN and Time gave widespread coverage to Naidu's way of functioning, CNN said, In just five years, he has turned an impoverished, rural backwater place into
India's new information technology hub

* Time magazine quoted, Naidu has shaken up the states moribund administration into the most efficient civil service in South Asia. On this regard Time has awarded as
South Asian of the Year

* As an alternative to the old politics, Naidu delivered enhanced infrastructure, education, plus basic and high technology. This attracted large-scale private
investment which eventually generated rapid industrial growth in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

* Naidu's was soon referred to as cyber-savvy Chief Minister by BBC ,

* Naidu's crave for IT and administration, has got him international attention. Many leaders like Tony Blair , Kofi Annan , Bill Clinton , Goh Chok Tong visited him
in Hyderabad.

* Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates wrote a letter to Naidu , "I'm excited about the information technology initiatives taken by the state. I am personally excited about your Information Technology Vision Group for Andhra Pradesh. As a software technology leader, I believe we can contribute to this group. If you agree, I would be happy to nominate one of my senior managers to participate in this group,' the letter said - It was also believed that, the Current Growth in Gujarat by Narendra Modi are on the lines of Andhra Pradesh inspired by Naidu.

* Naidu is considered to be the person who provided the biggest boost to information technology amongst all politicians in India

* The industry remembers him as the chief executive of Andhra Pradesh who put Hyderabad onto the global map

* Naidu also lobbied hard to snatch the International School of Business from Mumbai to Hyderabad, upsetting Bal Thackeray.

* By the end of his second term in 2004, He could create more than 3,00,00 Jobs from the IT Sector alone. Which further created a ripple of indirect employment
opportunities across the state. The population of Hyderabad doubled from 1995 to 2004, reflecting the growth of the City.

* It was also believed that, the Current Growth in Gujarat by Narendra Modi are on the lines of Andhra Pradesh inspired by Naidu.

* He become an important figure in Indian politics both at the state level and national level in his era

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