Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dookudu Movie Review - by Chaitanya Kumar Vummethala

Grand Opening, to start with! The List of Movies to be released, this festive Season..

Dookudu is for sure going to be a box-office hit, but is definitely not a script oriented movie (Otherwise I would say the Director has not put 100% effort on preparing the final script, keeping Mahesh in View), at the same time its neither a movie for a BIG Hero on a BIG Budget.

Shaping the script with huge Star Cast like he did in his previous movie (KING) is the biggest challenge for the Director (SV is master in handling such a big team effortlessly, however I would say sometimes this might divert the attention of audience, if the movie is not made properly).

Father-Son Sentiment Mixed with Action & Comedy episodes is the plot for this movie. Taking and Screenplay (1st Half) - with hilarious comedy, action sequences and punching dialogues were mind-blowing, but weak narration and screenplay in the 2nd Half, might restrict "Dookudu" to re-write the records of Magadheera or of that matter Pokiri. Weak Story, Music and Lyrics are the other set of draw backs apart from Direction for Dookudu.

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Do not know if Gopi Mohan has given the complete story to Seenu Vytla or not but SV would have put more care in shaping up the final script. Screenplay and Direction were mind blowing for 1st half but were bit weak when 2nd Half of the movie is observed (as mentioned above). I felt that Cast Selection was not perfect (exchanging roles of Naga Babu and Suman would have made a great impact). However, few innovative concepts such as Reality-Show and Hero Creating an Artificial Atmosphere at his home, were impressive.

Dialogues & Editing: Kona Venkat and Seenu Vytla have given an opportunity for Fans of Super Star Mahesh Babu to change their favorite dialogues from "Okka Saari Commit Aithey Naa Maata Nene Vinanu", "Evadu Kodithey Dimma Thirigi Mind Block Avuddo.." and so on., to a new set of dialogues such as "Mindlo Fix aithey Blindgaa Vellipotha..", "Bayaniki Meaning Ye Theliyani Blood raa Naadhi..", "Nenu Narakadam Modalu Pedithey - Narakamlo Houseful Board Pettukovaali.." and so on.. with the release of Dookudu. Kona deserves a lot of appreciation and his contribution is a big asset to the success of the movie! Editing by MR Varma could be better at places, especially in the second half.

Music by Thaman, Apart from Guruvaram Song all other Songs including Title Song were not upto the mark! Re-Recording and Background Score during Dialogue Delivery was not so great, which is a crucial part.

Cinematography: MV Guhan and Prasad Murella duo made wonders, Mahesh and Samantha were shown much more beautiful - confining audience to look at only the lead pair leaving behind the beautiful locations captured in visuals.

Art Director, AS Prakash has done his job up to the requirement. Most of the Scenes were shot at original locations, other than fight locations. Sets in interval fight were very much apt and helped a lot to get the feel of watching a hollywood movie.

Special mention about Stunt Master / Action Director, Vijay is needed - unlike Mahesh's 1st fight in Okkadu and Sainikudu Fight Sequence on Cane Bridge - Fights in Dookudu were at top notch. Action episodes are another asset to the movie!

Artists Performances: As usual SV's movie will have a lot of scope for every artist (actors & actresses) to perform. A big list of below actors were the part of Dookudu Cast:
Mahesh Babu, Samantha, Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Sonu Sood, Sayaji Shinde, Nazar, Sanjay Swaroop, M S Narayana, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Tanikella Bharani, Subbaraju, Brahmaji, Chandra Mohan, Master Bharat, Sonia, Nagababu, Suman, Supreet, Shafi, Sudha, Pragathi, Satya Krishnan, Surekha Vani, Rajita, Vinay Prasad, Senthil, Giridhar, Prabhakar, Sravan, Vennela Kishore, Parvati Melton, Mimicry Sivaji etc.,

Mahesh was as usual brilliant in every frame, whether it may be the timing in dialogue delivery or conveying a message with an expression on his face. His Dances were apt and Fights were great. Samantha has a limited role but did justice to that, she was gorgeous in the film with suitable costumes and make-up. Brahmi and MS are other assets of the movie, competed each other and presented a set of hilarious comedy tracks yet again. Suman was not apt for the role, Nagababu would be the right option. Nagababu, Subbaraju, Master Bharat, Shafi, Kota and Dharmavarapu were not utilized properly. Prakash Raj's role was peculiar and he did justice to that. Sonu Sood did not excelled as he did in Kandireega but was apt for the role. Tanikella Bharani, Chandra Mohan, Najar, Brahmaji, Sivaji were apt in their respective roles. Vennela Kishore, Sonia and Sanjay Swaroop made their mark. Others fit in their roles.

Over all analysis: 1st half has every ingredient that requires for a block buster movie, whether it is an emotion episode, comedy, action, romance, punch dialogues etc., at interval break I thought Dookudu will break all the existing records of tollywood and create a new record (with the current situation and chance it has - release timing). Especially with the pace it was moving till interval and expectations build due to first half, director should have taken utmost care in shaping up the later part of the movie. A little slump in both pace and approach of the movie (completely become like his past movies dhee and ready), with few illogical and weak scenes, lack of clarity on making revenge scenes, some what I felt that Seenu Vytla missed the line as well as lost his control and command on the subject in making a perfect match to the first half.

Most of the talent was wasted in Dookudu, by taking too many artists in the movie. Lack of clarity and control on the script resulted just another normal hit for both Mahesh and Seenu Vytla. Certainly missed a better opportunity of breaking records! So Seenu Vytla doesn't deserve to be a top league director.. What do you Say?

My rating for Dookudu is 3.75/5
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