Friday, September 16, 2011

PF Balance Information on your mobile is not up to date (not the latest update)!

Please read the below article (Important Information)from The Hindu - Business Line


You can simply forget the rigour and pain involved in knowing your Provident Fund (PF) balance. After piloting the IT-based solution at three offices in two months, the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has now expanded the facility to 75 (114 PF offices, as of 19th September 2011) PF offices, covering 35 States and Union Territories.

Considered to be a labyrinthine and difficult task, knowing your PF account has suddenly become an easy thing — as easy as sending an SMS. One has to go to the EPFO's home page, select the State where one's account is maintained and fill in just three parameters — account number, name (as in the PF account) and mobile number — and press ‘enter'. For the Complete Details Click Here

The online request hits the EPFO server, looks for the matching information asked for and the balance information pops up in a few minutes. In most cases, data updated is as of September 8, 2011. It, however, doesn't mean that one will get balance figure till such date. The actual data would be up to March 31, 2010.

The EPFO is in the process of adding information to the online treasure trove to give more people access to their accounts.

The service, though not popular yet, has caught the imagination of thousands of people with PF accounts. The unique page views on the home page of this service have crossed the 22-lakh mark. The system had attended to requests of 4.6 lakh people by sending information on their balance through SMSes.

Source: The Hindu - Business Line

So, my dear friends do not be in an impression / assumption that you are getting the updated PF Balance on your Mobile (by way of an SMS) just by providing the above mentioned information in the EPFO Official Website (so called software tool), but it is still pending! Need some brilliant and efficient data entry executives to update the data into Systems at a jet speed (quicker and also correct information)!

Hope this will be done soon :)
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