Friday, June 4, 2010

Back from Vinukonda (Anjaneyaswami Temple)

I felt like spending more there...(coz i was there for only 15 hours), Vinukonda always heard this name from my parents at last I visited this place (Temple) its really good, I had a good time there. Chaitanya's (my cousin) Upanayanam was a good occasion that helped me in visiting this place.

Journey Started like this:
I came to office at 1:30 PM on 1st June and left early at around 8 PM (have to catch the bus at BN Reddy Nagar @ 10.30 PM , after having dinner at home. Also need to finish some work). It was an horrible experience that day, I saw nearly 50,000 (approximately) vehicles while return to home from office - "Not to leave home anytime between 6PM and 9PM - that is hell (From HITEC City to LB Nagar)".

Finally I managed to reach home b4 9PM, finshed all other things and took bus @ 11 PM (it was 15 mins late) - Chandu & Ragi already started @ 9.30 PM from MGBS and crossed us at BN Reddy Nagar @ 10.15 PM. (Dad, Mom, Abbuchi, Kranthi & Myself) Team1, (Chandu-Ragi) Team2 and (Krishna Uncles's Family) Team3(all of us 10 ppl)met at Vinukonda @ around 5 AM on 2nd June and started to Temple by an Auto (its nearly 5 KMS from Bus Stop). Ha its was a wonderful experience, early morning - village atmosphere - fresh air - standing journey on Auto.

Reached Temple at around 6 AM, settled there had bath in a popular stream. Chaitu's Upanayanam Program was done by 2 PM. Had late Lunch (covered breakfast at around 10 AM).

4 PM onwards we (only kids, uh uh - we too) came out to the city/town (Vinukonda) had a nice time there - actually we want to have some cool stuff, (as we didn't get cool water @ Temple - it was a remote location). We spent more than an hour and returned back to the place, had bath once again and have to pack our clothes - Chandu, Ragi & Myself, we dont have reservation (actually we tried for the same while our short trip to town in the evening) but need to start the same night. Krisha uncle's family and Murthy uncle they have reservation. All of us started by an auto from Temple @ around 8 PM.

Vinukonda Bus Stop - spent more than 2.30 hrs there, finally took an express bus (we 3 without reservation) started at 11 PM and reached home at around 5 AM on 3rd June.

Now have to take some rest and again need to go to office with Body Pains. That was the short trip but a good one.
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