Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maryada Ramanna - Movie - Review

SS Rajamouli has done a fabulous job as a director, having a great hold on Screenplay with a peculiar story line - ofcourse with an utmost support by his only music director MM Keeravani. Performances of all the artists exceeded expectations, specifically Sunil, Saloni and Brahmaji were amazing. Hilarious Comedy in a terrified situations was differently made in this movie and Sunil enacted extremely well in such scenes. Dances by Sunil, RR by MM, Graphics and Stunts are remarkable. But finally it is a director's movie.

Detailed Report:
Once again SS Rajamouli proved himself that SS stands for Super Success! He basically knows what is audience pulse, I mean he knows how to make a movie that wont waste the time of audience. Story by SS Kanchi (Story Idea being Vara Mullapudi's) was not so great but definetly impressive. It is Direction, Screenplay and RR which made it a huge success for such a small movie (small but not low budgeted movie). I would say the combination is the main highlights of the movie. Rajamouli made this movie to prove himself as a talented Movie Maker, unlike his usual movies (elevating a hero). Sunil did a decent job and secured 4.5/5, by doing justice to his role. But unfortunately, Script was not demanded Rajamouli to Elevate Sunil in this movie...However he was given an opportunity to prove himself as a great dancer. Saloni and all other actors have done a great job.

Rajamouli's selection of Location, Cinematographer - Ram Prasad, Art Director - Ravinder, Styling - Rama Rajamouli, Sets / Producers - Shobu Yarlagadda & Prasad Devineni is a great choice. Every Audience can see all these departments in every frame in the movie. I would say this is called perfection and efficient utilization of resources!

Music in Songs is just Good (3.25/5) but RR and Cinematography are Excellent (4.25/5) - Raviteja's Voice over for Cycle was helpful but not great. Overall movie deserves (3.25/5). Worth watching and a paisa wasool movie but dont go with huge expectations.
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