Saturday, July 17, 2010

Clever usage of Music Players - (iPod / iTouch / iPhone or an MP3 Player with a Txt Screen)

One of the greatest features of an iPod / iTouch / iPhone or an MP3 Player with a Txt Screen is that it will help students in learning English quickly. In this globalized world every student needs to speak, write and understand English if he/she wants to express what they know and to grasp things. There are several instances where people lag behind even when they have excess knowledge (reason being lack of language skills). I want to see this kind of people flourish by learning English quickly....

All they need to do is

1) Go to

2) Download American.iso (or) British.iso (as per their interest)

3) You will need ISO IMAGE software to make the CD — the CD will not open on your computer without converting it. (The ISO IMAGE file is a compression file for producing CDs. It works like a ZIP compression file and must be opened in order to work. You must have ISO IMAGE software to open the downloaded ISO file. However, NERO and other CD/DVD burners often include ISO conversion as a part of the bundle. Check your burner software — you may already have ISO software, or you may be able to download it as freeware or shareware. (Google "free iso burner software."))

4) The American.iso and British.iso CDs contain two folders each—one contains all of the MP3 files and a second contains all of the TXT files. The folders can be downloaded to an iPod, iTouch, iPhone, or to an MP3 player which has a TXT screen.

Now enjoy learing english through music players...

We have every resource available on internet! We just need to know how to utilize them properly.
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