Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eega - Telugu Movie - Live Updates (Detailed)

The So Called "Director of Technical Brilliance - SS Rajamouli" (who never saw a flop in his career of 10 Movies since 2001) is arriving with a huge bang tomorrow as Eega!! The movie is as usual releasing all over the world to grab the attention of world audience.. Lets see if he has still maintained the standards of Magadheera or crossed that mark with this flick. Hope this "Jakkanna" will stand proud as a crucial member of tollywood even with his 10th movie, just wait for another 24 hours or so for the final review.

With the inspiration from "Gabbar Singh Live Updates" (my first live updates post), now I wanted to repeat the same with Eega's Live Updates on my blog tomorrow (but for the matinee show, as I always believe that FDFS will never tell us the actual range of the movie due to the Fans Hangama).....

So please stay tuned with this page......for Eeeega Updates!!

Follow the updates here!!!

1) Eshwar Theater- Athapur, Hyderabad... Matinee 2.00 PM

2) Oka katha cheppu naanna antuu o paapa aduguhthundi.. vaalla naanna, appudu.. raju aa raju ki 7 guru kodukulu ani cheppadam modalupetathaadu, inthalo paapa adhe kadhaa yenni saarlu chepthaavu antundi. Mari inka ye katha chepaala ani alo chisthunaadu naanna, inthaalo pakkanundi cheppu cheppu ani visigisthundi paapa. Appudu vaalla naanna antaadu abba Joreega laaga ala visiginchaku ani.. Naana ki appudu light veligi Eega katha chebuthaanu antaadu paapa thoti (This all goes on in background, along with titles)...

3) Here goes the story with the introduction of Villan-Sudeep (Real name and role name) in a very impressive way (Shown him as a sharp shooter). Also shown as a person who goes to any extent and never looses his focus, to get the things turned in his way.

4) Next comes the Heroine introduction, she is very pretty and simple "Bindu" - A mineature artist (Beautiful Samantha- kurralla gunde chappudu), very apt to the role.

5) Follows the introduction of  Naani who loves Samantha from the last 2 years (the way hero expressed his caring love towards the leading lady was mindblowing), but bindu never expresses her love towards Naani!

6) She also runs a non profit organization for poor children education. For this divine cause, Bindu raises funds from various sources and in the process she meets Sudeep at his office (MD of Sudeep Constructions).

7)  Looking at the beautiful Bindu, Sudeep offers a 15 lakh cheque as a charity, though his intention was something else. Later he comes to know that Bindu loves Naani, which he cannot digest.

8) A romantic scene between the lead pair followed by a song. Twist - Hero gets killed by Sudeep

9) Re-birth of Naani in the form of Eega, excellent visual treat for every audience. Graphical extravaganza starts from here. A must watch movie in theaters only (No piracy please)..

10) The mini creature (Eega) starts enjoying roming through the city and finally lands at the Sudeep house.. By looking at sudeep it recollects the past and cause for the death.

11) Eega goes to Bindu's house. Meantime Sudeep starts taking advantage of Bindu's situation and tries to move close to her, but our reborn hero start disturbing, irritating and giving sleepless nights for Sudeep to distance from Bindu. (Very exiciting and interisting moments, donot miss them)!

12) Sudeep plans a sketch saying that he and Bindu have to meet the education minister in delhi to get the recognization and funding approved for Bindu's NGO project. 

13) Here comes the before Interval episode where Eega goes to an extent and threatens Sudeep that It will Kill him (I will Kill You). Interval.

14) Villan got injured goes bedridden.

15) Bindu crying for Naani, recollecting him.. here the eega conveys Bindu that he is naani, malli putaanu.. superbly conveyed (Guys donot use your brain too much, leave the logics), enjoy the visual treat.

16) Bindu comes to know the truth and starts helping the re-born hero to take the vengence.

17) Villan also comes to know that it is Naani who is trying to kill him and Bindu helping Naani (Eega).

18) Friends rest watch it on screen to see how the villan digs his own grave.

19) Wonderful Visual Effects, Mind-blowing Background Score, Screenplay, Cinematography, Superb performance by Sudeep, Apt performanse from Samantha & Naani.

20) All in all it is Brand Rajamouli... his vison and creativie work of the entire team is highly appreciated and will be well praised by the audience and critics round the globe.

21) Donot miss it in theaters.. check for good sound quality of the theaters before you go for watching this movie.

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