Monday, July 16, 2012

Eega Movie Review by Chaitanya Kumar Vummethala

Creative Genius Rajamouli has passed his 10th Movie with distinction and proved once again that he is technically brilliant and highly talented!! 

Story, Screenplay, Direction: SS Rajamouli, who started his career in 2001 with Student No.1 did not tasted failure in his 10 Movie career even after 11 years (i.e., even in 2012).

The basic reason for this is that he prepares well (extensively well) for his script and the entire movie - scene by scene and if possible frame by frame. His vision towards the final output before start of shoot and after finishing the post-production will be the same and there will be no much changes (the project might end up with much more positive highlights, but not with mistakes or negative changes). Coming to Eega, Rajamouli intelligently started narrating the story in a much realistic way - i.e., a father telling the story to his daughter.... This made every critic shut their mouth and stopped their hands in writing negative word about Eega movie. The very reason for mentioning about the above line is that the movie is full of fiction and every scene has a flaw (if we treat the movie as a regular movie). But these days any commercial movie is filled with flaws and the way Eega taken off was mind-blowing and makes a lot of sense.

While making the movie, the captain has a great command / idea of what he is making and how he should narrate the same to the audience, since the movie involves a great amount of CG work. Rajamouli took utmost care in making the movie where the audience should deeply involve in the story and never feel that they are watching a comic or cartoon video.

Excellent effort with a simple story line - the ultimate revenge story is an apt tag line for Eega Movie - nothing much to mention about this fiction.

Music: MM Keeravani, excellent musician in the tollywood industry! As always did an amazing work for Eega, but frankly speaking he could able to meet only 90% to the standards of the visionary director (due to the technical brilliance of other departments).

Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, was as usually did justice to Rajamouli's project. I believe there are many more scenes in the final copy but Rajamouli himself did some editing work in terms of omitting few unnecessary scenes, in order to create that impact on general audience. Kotagiri's experience is anyhow helpful for this Jakkana. 

Cinematography: Senthil Kumar, is another asset of the movie - mind blowing work and deserves a lot of appreciation for this department from the depth of my heart. Senthil is Heart and Soul of Eega.....Naan Ee!

Art: S Ravinder, has put a lot of hard work to get that grand look to the movie - great job! Due to the low budget movie with a high profile background (Director), this is certainly a challenging job for Mr. Ravinder.

Producer: Sai Korapati, his confidence and belief on the captain of the ship made him invest a lot of money (than initially expected to) but is now paid off!

Artists Performances:
Cast: Sudeep, Nani, Samantha, Hamsa Nandini, Crazy Mohan, Thagubothu Ramesh, Devadarshini, Adithya, Abhiram, Srinivas Reddy, etc.,
Starting with Sudeep (Generally I start with hero but now villain - you will know the reason why - if you watch the movie in theatre), outperformed and did 100% justice to the role. I would say he is the key performer of the movie. Nani with his limited role did an amazing job and added value to the subject & project.

Samantha while looking gorgeous performed extremely well with various expressions in this movie. An experimental role but highly appreciated by the audience.

Among the supporting cast, Thagubothu Ramesh brings few smiles and stood as a meaningful role in the movie.

Overall Analysis: As the movie starts with the story narration by the father to his daughter in the background (during titles), no one can question the director about the logics and reality involved in the subject of the movie. Here itself the director is very clear about the subject he has chosen and successfully injected the same to the audience in the very first minute of the movie.

The way he portrayed the love story between the lead pair is brilliant (due to the time limit, it is a bit challenging task for any director to show the kind of intense love story he wanted to show it onscreen). Without the villain (Sudeep) and his vision, it is certainly a dumb storyline. When it comes to music and cinematography, but the departments are crucial for the project to elevate the actual idea. Lead pair was shown much beautiful on screen and thus audience were not only enjoyed the scenes but also thoroughly involved in the movie (carrying the feel).

When the hero (Nani) re-borns as a Fly (Eega), the technical brilliant Rajamouli conquered the Indian Cinema (the way he visualized and projected his idea with the help of computer graphics) for a span of 6-7 minutes, without placing a single dialogue in the movie (just with the support of excellent music by the seasoned musician, Keeravani). It continued through-out the movie till the end card, but a little lag in the background music standards (having said this, the movie has a good music but failed to reach the international standards – only due to the little lag in BG & RR).

Rajamouli has every quality to showcase himself as the Best Director of Tollywood!, provided he should be able to complete a movie like this, in a period of 5-6 months. Let us wait for his next flick and see his potential!!

Though Eega is made with a bunch of illogical scenes, it makes every Telugu speaking/understanding person proud due to its experimental variety and quality output - 3.75 / 5 is my rating for the movie - Eega
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