Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sharing my experience of watching Rangam Movie on DVD...

Yesterday, before coming to the office I have started watching the movie Rangam. Heard high about it and also believed it for the following reasons:

1) The Dubbed Movie Ran for 100 days in A.P. (These days even Big Budget Telugu Movies are also rarely happened to run 100 days). Its a real achievement!

2) Music by Harris Jayaraj - 2 songs in my top ten songs list, which I daily enjoy are from Rangam - (Ee Manchullo.... & Enduko Emo...) - even lyrics of these songs are meaningful and music is mesmerizing!

3) A powerful and griping story with excellent twists.

4) Screenplay is one of the best among the recent releases.

5) All the actors are involved in the movie completely and every audience enjoyed it thoroughly.

6) Production Values in the Movie! Picturization of Songs is a Real Visual Feast to every viewer..

In a hurry to coming to the office, I had to pause the movie for a long break of over 15 hours (Just after watching 45 Minutes of run time of the movie). Strucked in the office until 2:30 AM this morning due to the heavy rain and also because of a mistake by my regular cab driver..

After watching for 45 Mins, I always wanted to finish the movie at the earliest. But had to wait until I return from office, however reached home at 3.30 AM this morning and resumed the movie without any second thought (I had to reduce the volume and remove the home theatre connection - due to the time factor). Screenplay of the movie is absolutely great, it may be the background music or the music for songs - truly mesmerizing - great job by Harris Jayaraj! Narration of the story is too good, Director never did a mistake and actors never took a chance.. a complete team work. Interval Bang is amazing, what a super script!

Lack of sound effects is letting me down... but don't want to wait even a single minute, second half of the movie is little disappointing due to the dubbing work. It involves lot of emotion which should be carried by the actors (they did a decent job, but dubbing is dubbing - I missed the feel, for example each and every dialogue in the movie Leader - requires lot of emotion, which is a very challenging task for both director and an actor) and the lip synchronization with the dialogue is crucial.

Anyways if it was a straight telugu movie then, Director K.V. Anand would have done a fabulous job.... Getting into the movie once again, apart from a very few illogical and unconvincing scenes, the theme of the movie is superb.

I wanted to see these kind of movies (political/social genre movies) in telugu also very soon..

So called BIG Heroes of Tollywood - Please accept my request and listen to scripts like Rangam. I loved the way, the entire team of RANGAM worked on the project to produce this output.

Rangam is a 2011 Indian Tamil dubbed Telugu political thriller film directed by K. V. Anand starring Jeeva, Ajmal Ameer, newcomer Karthika Nair and Piaa Bajpai. The film was released on May to mostly positive reviews. The film is being remade into Hindi with Akshay Kumar depicting the role of Jeeva and Karthika Nair reprising her role.
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