Saturday, April 16, 2011

Teen Maar Choosanu - But I am upset (Not talking about the movie review)

Saw the movie - Teen Maar in Vijaya Lakshmi Theatre @ LB Nagar...Today @ 2:30 PM.

Just reached on time to the theatre(in fact the movie already started, we missed titles) we were given P - 6&7 (seats), hurray this is the top but one row!

Oops! we realized that it was the box - more over there is no proper room space and its also very suffocative here, forget about air condition, we did not even get some air flow here! Already we lost titles - over that, I drove @ 80 speed continuously for about 10 mins (from Uppal to LB Nagar X Roads) immediately had to rush to the counter for tickets and soon after parking this is my situation.

Finally tried to involve in the movie, get into that mood after 10 mins - Pawan was totally shown in a new dimension, for a moment I got shocked that it was Power Star. Again started the same problem, suffocation - but no choice had to continue......

Movie is not boring or worse to come out from there, thats how passed the time. Interval breaklo we had some snacks (actually we did not even had our lunch, just had late breakfast and started to movie - thats an additional mistake)!

Finally liked the movie with Pawan Kalyan's superb acting skills and few other aspects in it (but unable to concentrate or analyse the movie - so cannot give the review for the teenmaar now, sorry for that). Decided to watch the movie again, hopefully this wednesday - this time I wont miss it! will come with a better review..

Sorry Once Again!

Will be back soon with the complete review!

Chaitanya Kumar Vummethala
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