Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pawan Kalyan's Teen Maar Movie Review

After a disaster, Komaram Puli - Pawan Kalyan has come up with a movie called Teen Maar (Frankly speaking this is not an apt title for the movie). But this time the movie will get all the money back invested in it, for sure.. As always Pawan Kalyan's movie Teen Maar also recorded huge openings in the first week, however when it comes to.....

Story: Faltoo in my words, I dont know why Pawan Kalyan liked the script of "Love Aaj Kal" it is not at all deserved to be remade! Sorry to be very frank - but the movie has nothing to tell people other than just how the love is aaj kal, which makes no sense - showing this concept as a correct path (Generally when the Hero is playing the character, people wants to follow him) when this is not supposed to be followed. As per my knowledge, any movie should either entertain or educate the audience, Imtiaz Ali failed to do so with this project. (Pawan might have choosen this subject because of few similarities in his real life with this super hit "LAK" - I hate PK for choosing this subject)!

Director: Jayant C Paranji, with a much needed success after a long gap got this chance! But as I mentioned these kind of subjects should not attempt in tollywood, unless they decides to change the core concept - I dont know if he has accepted this offer by thinking it as an opportunity or a chance... However, Jayant would have taken the complete ownership of the movie and made his attempt by changing the script, any how he did his role OK!

Screenplay and Dialogues: Trivikram, this guy is the key to the movie's fate - for the kind of subject he was given, he did a genuine work. He did his best with more than a dozen hit dialogues, which made Power Star fans very happy. A Script-cum-Dialogue writer can never do justice if he/she wont like/believe in the project that he/she works for. So somehow I felt that Trivikram is not completely convinced with this subject, otherwise he would have done much better job.

Music: Songs were already been appreciated by the music lovers and Visuals also made PK fans to do TeenMaar in theatres, now Mani Sharma once again did an amazing job with the BGM in TeenMaar! But only in re-recording I saw an experiment (Spot Dubbing for Pawan Kalyans' dialogues) which is a draw back in the movie. Otherwise, Mani has done a fantastic job.

Cinematography: Jayanan Vincent, has done an excellent job! Pawan Kalyan was shown in two different characters in this movie, one being a romantic Indian who lives in Capetown (Michael Velayudham) and the other being a young socialist (Arjun Palvai) with full of guts, principles and energy. For both these characters Jayanan Vincent put an extreme focus to differentiate, as there is a 30 year gap between the two stories. Especially, locations selected for Michael's role (Pawan Kalyan) were shown in a grand way. I would say, this aspect is the biggest highlights of the movie.

Other Technical Departments: Art direction by Narayana Reddy was Good, Editing by MR Varma - Bad (there were multiple useless scenes in the movie)!

Artists Performances: Power Star Pawan Kalyan is now once again proved that he is the powerful star with all kind of expertise required to make a movie block buster! With this kind of stories very few heroes can make the final product - as the best - with their performances, Pawan Kalyan is one among them and Teen Maar is the successful output. In both the roles, Pawan Kalyan excelled by putting his 100% effort. The amount of dedication and confidence he has on the subject lets him do his best in it. Exept in dances, Pawan Kalyan rocked all the way in the movie and has become the first responsible person for this hit!

Trisha was shown more beautiful, than in her past movies. Her performance in the movie is good and played another important role for the success of the movie (because of her costumes and skin show). Ali's role was brief but did justice. Paresh Rawal done a decent job, while Sonu Sood and Mukesh Rushi were confined to their roles.

Kriti Karbandha, was big minus for the movie (mainly because of her make over - it was really over makeup) there is hardly few scenes for her to perform, but failed to leverage an opportunity she got.

Overall - inspite of choosing a worst subject, mainly because of Power Star's performance, Trivikram's Punches, Mani Sharma's Melodies, Jayanan Vincent's veteran experience and others, helped Teen Maar to become a Hit with 3.25/5 as my rating.
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