Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finally - Highlights of 2010 - Published!

I will put all the highlights of 2010 (of my personal life) month wise below:

January' 10
After a tragic road accident on December 24th 2009 (my aunt & cousins) it took a very long time for me to come out of it and thus no New Year fresh mood, no Sankranti festival nothing. Somehow I managed and saw two movies in Jan – Adhurs and Namo Venkatesa – one with ValueLabs colleagues and later with cousins to come out of my disturbed mood. But, I did not enjoyed either movies (though they were comedy oriented)!

February’ 10
As I mentioned earlier, nothing much happened in Feb. But I need to enjoy my last days in ValueLabs (I put my resignation on December 28th 2009 and got relieved on March 19th 2010, a very long notice period). This month I have started with Bindaas with cousins and later part of the month with Leader (Best Movie of the Year – as per me). Heard a lot about Ye-Maaya-Chesaave Ye Maaya Chesaave enjoyed its music album very much but missed to watch that movie until early August (Until its DVD Release).

March’ 10
This is the time for me to take one of the crucial decisions (Professional) of joining which company after ValueLabs. Now I have two other offers in hand –other than CES – one from Sierra Atlantic and another from Intelligroup, but finally I made decision to join CES. CES waited almost 100 days for me to join them after offering this position on 15th December 2009 (I initially had a discussion with Mr. Venkat Davarapalli, CEO and Founder of CES on December 7th2009). Joined CES on 29th March 2010! By the way, Varudu disappointed me – my favourite actors’ first flop of the year.

New - work style, work culture, atmosphere, timings, everything new at CES, already started getting good results. Wow I have a closure in the very first month – small project but big company....Building a very good pipeline, our boss is extremely happy with my performance. Everything is going cool! Googling – Blogging – Exploring Web to the maximum (night shift effect). Joined almost all the reputed Social networking and Professional Networking sites.... Coming to movies – missed one of the best movies in the recent times “Prasthanam”in theatres. However I had a chance to watch this movie on my Laptop with its DVD Release towards the end of the year. Darling is well made by Karunakaran Team, enjoyed the movie. But missed BK’s come back movie Simha.

Started the month with a local bike trip with School friends (to Sri Parwathi Jadala Ramalingeswara Swamy Devasthanam,Cheruvugattu). About 60 KMs from LB Nagar, Hyderabad towards Vijayawada. This is the month I have started my blogsite (– basically habituated to stay late in the nights in the office and explored internet in various ways – this is the end result. Bye the way, I am rocking at CES! Back to back meetings, teleconferences have a great pipeline etc. Madhyalo Kites Movie Choosa – Movie with a Great Production Values! My first blog is on Leader Movie, followed by review on Hrithik’s Kites…

My cousin Chaitanya’s Upanayanam on 2nd June at Vinukonda – attended with other cousins and parents. MyTeam Lead (at ValueLabs) Mr. Sairama Krishna Kesiraju’s Marriage on 6th June, at Eluru – to his marriage – enjoyed the trip with friends (Visited Dwaraka Tirumala for the first time). Waiting for Pawan Kalyan’s Komaram Puli. Krish’s Vedam is awesome, wonderful movie in the recent times. Golimaar is worth watching movie; Puri Jagannath did not discouraged with this flick! I mentioned my wish of having an amazing mobile phone – (Annayya choosadu, Nokia 5530 konnadu) – Wow! Plan worked out.. June 13th 2010, this day is most memorable incident in my life - naa modhati pelli choopulu – result is as expected – ammayilandharu naa meedha aasalu vadhulukovaalsini kshanam vachesindhi – I am engaged on this day! Marriage day is yet to be fixed. I have got Leader Original DVD! Out of 87 Movies released in the first half of 2010, there were only 19 Movies (Alladista, Villian, Panchakshyari, Vedam, Golimaar, Awara, Andhari Bhandhuvaya, Simha, Darling, Prasthanam, Betting Bangaarraju, Varudu, Ye Maaya Chesaave, Leader, Kedi, Bindaas, Namo Venkatesa, Shambo Shiva Shambo, Adhurs) attracted audience to theatres with a kind of expectations, rest all are hopeless movies.

Rains Started – Troubles in Hyderabad Traffic on a Rainy day (aa aanandamu choosa)! My would be gifted me a T-Shirt for my birthday. Maryadha Ramanna Audio Released, MMK has done a decent job. Komaram Puli Fever Started, Audio Released! Komaram Puli Audio Review, Maryadha Ramanna Movie Personal Review – oh Blogginge Blogging.. Bye the way missed, Jhummandhi Naadham & highly expected Subhapradham. I won Second Project at CES, hurray it’s a good achievement! Maa Annayya Koduku, Prithvi is now (26th July 2010) One year Old!

My Marriage Date Fixed, Cards Distribution, New Job Offer at ZenQA, My Resignation at CES, So many twists in the month of August 2010. In the meantime Don Seenu choosa, good one by Ravi Teja, Comedy Kummesadu. With a huge list of Big Movie releases in the second half of 2010, I thought it is a festive season for Telugu Movie Lovers, starting with Jhummandhi Naadham, Yamudu, Subhapradham, Maryadha Ramanna, Don Seenu, Gaayam2, Komaram Puli, Robo, Mahesh Khaleja, Brindaavanam, Rakta Charitra, Bava, Kalyanram Kathi, Orange, Rakta Charitra2, Kathi Kantha Rao, Nagavalli, Manmadha Baanam, Ragada, Ranga the Donga & Broker (20 Movies out of 62 - Released in the second half of 2010 were at least seems to be promising) but none of these 62 movies make huge profits!

After August 13th there is no blog in my blogspot, coz I am married now and hardly getting chance to spend time on internet! (In fact I was at Gurramguda for the first 16 days after my marriage – so no internet connection on my laptop/computer/mobile). Back to Office on 13th September 2010 after a 16 day break including weekends. Gaayam 2 is our first movie after Marriage, Komaram Puli being the second. My brother gifted me Nokia 3350, wow! it is too good with variety of features. Marriage Gifts from relatives and friends made me happy, they are very much useful!

New lifestyle after marriage – Brindavanam Movie with In-Laws at Vizag, enjoyed the Visakapatnam Trip. Mahesh Khaleja Robo, Khaleja and Rakta Charitra are also there in the list of October month’s quota of movies. Exactly after 2 months break, on 13th October I have started blogging again.

Only Movie in the month of November is Orange! Started planning for closing the year in a grand way! Implementing everything as per the plan 

Rakta Charitra 2 disappointed (kept very high expectations after watching RC) but at the same time it was not horrible; it was good – I would say, RGV is finally succeeded in tollywood with his style of film making.. We had our marriage registered, and very big thing is we owned a plot – that’s a major achievement. Followed by Vijayawada Trip...(for the first time in my life).

So overall, there were
1 Job Change, 2 Promotions, 3 Knots, 4 Closures, 5 Job Offers, 6 Trips (Long Journeys), 7 Steps, 8 New Electronic Gadgets, 9 Months of New Lifestyle, 10 Twists & Surprises, 11 Investments, 12 Months of Happy Life...... 24 Telugu Movies (18 in Theatres and 6 in TV/DVD – Out of 149 Movies Released in 2010) in my life (in 2010)!
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