Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ala Modalaindi Movie Review

Sorry Friends, for the delayed review - but as you all know I am tooooooo busy after marriage. Atleast now I have some time to blog it!

For all those who did not see the movie this is must to read!

Nandini Reddy, wow what a talented director! She did an amazing job, has a great potential and grip on the subject she selected. Story she prepared, Screenplay, and Direction she made are awesome. Tollywood certainly need such directors, story is not so new, screenplay is not so great, direction is not dynamic - but all I would say is she did an amazing job with the selection of casting and command on the subject she wants to picturize. Heroine Nitya Menon, Hero Nani along with other artists: Sneha Ullal, Kriti Karbandha, Chaitanya Krishna, Pragati, Rohini, Uppalapati Narayana Rao, Hemanth, Raja Valluru, Pinky, Rhea etc. were apt for their respective roles and did justice. Coming back to the Director - Nandini being a lady director has the grip on the emotions and fresh thoughts with respect to movie making. Overall the movie is an example for a perfect team work, with dedicated team efforts and talent.

Detailed Report:
Story and Subject is definetly a good selection, specifically the way movie picturized with jovial scenes and characterizations of each role are highlights. Director tried to attract audience starting from the first scene of the movie with a suspense oriented scene, Ashish Vidhyarthi kidnapping the Hero - Nani! Since then until the last scene - irrespective of the emotion, the story - every scene is enjoyable by the audience bcoz of its freshness and homour involved in the movie. As expected (in small budget movies) there is a lot of scope for all the artists to perform in the movie including Nitya, Nani their friends among others. This part is successfully achieved by everyone and the open secret of the success of the movie is Performances of artists with the sense of humor planned by Nandini - the Director. While Nani proved himself as a successful hero once again with Ala Modalaindi, Nitya Menon grabs attention of Tollywood Lovers with her impressive performance, I am sure she has a brilliant future in the film industry. Interestingly there were no big/reputed comedian in the movie but Movie has a great humor in it - which is infact the highlights of the movie. Last 30 Mins of the movie is full of humor, handled by a junior artist (comedian) and Ashish Vidhyarthi with their extra-ordinary performances and control over the situation. Music by Kalyani Malik is good at few scenes and Songs are just OK, little disappointment with lyrics. Cinematography was not so great, Costumes are good, Editing can be better (especially in the first 30 Mins in the second half) and all other technical departments did their job decently.

I hope Nandini will come up with more subjects like this even in the future to save the industry!

Overall movie is must watching, as there is a high ROI, after all audience would love to enjoy the movie with comedy and freshness. (4.25/5) A perfect youthful & family comedy movie with a perfect control on script & screenplay.
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