Saturday, August 17, 2013

Is Amulyam truly Amulyam (Precious)?

As per me yes, it is Amulyam! The term Amulyam stands for precious and the name is apt for The kind of services they are providing, are really admirable because anyone of us may want to use a mobile phone (for an instance) for an urgent discussion or to text someone - but when it is not urgent but important to pass a message, you would need to use a service like SMS from Web (which is part of Amulyam Services).

Then on a separate topic, few may want to recharge their mobile phone for free (by earning money for it) and Amulyam made it possible, by way of educating its users on several topics. Such as, registered users of Amulyam would get incentives for answering useful puzzles and learning new things - ultimately to earn money that can be used for recharging their mobiles.

Amulyam has become a powerful platform, that has brought many service providers together (such as online travel booking portals, online shopping sites) to make their users' job not only easy but happy (as they get these things with an incentive).  Finally, what I like much about Amulyam is - get benefited through their website by both learning new things while earning money....

If you would like to join this platform to gain some knowledge while benefiting the free recharge through a meaningful internet browsing, then click on this link and follow a few onscreen steps - 

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