Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Onamalu Movie Review by Chaitanya Kumar Vummethala

Onamalu is the combination of the legendary actor "Nata Kireeti" Dr. Rajendra Prasad's selection interest of such a thought proviking subject and the Director, Kranthi Madhav's sincere effort and divine attempt for changing the current living system at our villages (People forgetting the basic roots, moral values and are running behind false prestiges with a wrong impression that they are advancing in the modern life)!

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Kranthi Madhav, is exceptional debut director with a great sense of social responsibility and this can be easily seen in his movie - "Onamalu". While the meaning of present day cinema is the mixture of commercial elements that will en-thrill and entertain the common audience, this brave director has come up with an exceptionally admirable and appreciable subject. This mass communications masters degree holder must have missed in attracting masses to the theatres, but the target audience will never forget this daring master for this master piece!

Story Coordination: Thammudu Satyam in words of the director Kranthi Madhav - "Since Onamalu deals with human relationships and I am too young, I need somebody whose experience can add depth to the story. That is where Tammudu Satyam stepped in. He has brought his rich experience to this story. The story I have narrated to Rajendra Prasad has completely transformed into a better one with the involvement of Tammudu Satyam".

Dialogues: Khadeer Babu once again proved that he is a sensible dialogue writer with an indepth knowledge and understanding on the subject. He described the importance of dialogues for a message oriented movie with his work in Onamalu, which will pierce directly into the hearts of many sensible audiences. One can learn the meaning of unity in diversity through his dialogues. 

Music: Koti has all that required skill to elevate the scene with the power called music and is definitely lucky enough to get such brilliant subject once again. Koti  has provided amazing background score for Onamalu along with soothing music for the sensible lyrics penned by Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry Garu.

Editing: Gowtam Raju, the senior editor has done his job flawlessly. 

Cinematography: Hari Anumolu, is an asset to these kind of movies! He captured the beauty of village extremely well and brought that feel within the audience that keeps connecting to the subject so well.

Producers: Kranthi Madhav & K. Durga Devi are the producers with great taste and social responsibility, have provided the best to this movie "Onamalu".

Artists Performances:
Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Kalyani, Chalapati Rao, Giri Babu, Shiva Parvathi, Raghu Babu, Kondavalasa, Dr. Ravi Prakash, Child Aritists (Will update the names shortly) etc.,

While the legendary artist, Natakireeti Dr. Rajendra Prasad excelled in the role of Narayana Rao Master, Chalapati Rao, Shiva Parvathi, Giri Babu, Raghu Babu, Kondavalasa, Kalyani and all other supporting cast have did justice to their respective roles.

Special mention required for all the child artists who have outperformed with their brilliant expressions. Great choice by the director to fill life to Onamalu team by selecting the apt cast and crew.

Overall Analysis:
The Onamalu team has succeeded almost 100% but failed in showing the convincing solution against the transformation of the human behavior toward bad. Though the intention of the movie is just to inspire people not to forget their roots, the content of the movie (first half) was mostly dealt with the then love and affection between people and the human values within a specific community called "Village". This will certainly increase the pressure on the Captain of Onamalu to conclude the movie with a much power full message including a practical solution.

As the second half starts with the variation in the story, the director's vision was pretty clear. But somehow I personally felt that he would have made it much more bigger movie by expressing his view on such negative change in the social system and perceptualize a resolution in resisting the actual incidents that are happening today. Agreeing to the fact that Kranthi Madhav is a debutant director, the experienced technical crew must have advised him on these lines to make the movie a classic.  However this honest and sincere attempt is highly appreciable with a huge applause..

An attempt to bring back the actual meaning of the mankind "never forget the roots" and "unconditional help for the needy" - 3.75/5 is my rating for the movie - Onamalu.
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