Thursday, February 9, 2012

Making of All Time Best Movies of Tollywood

I have about 750 popular telugu movies in my database, but I always fail to list the top 100 or top 50 or top 25 or top 10 or of that matter top 5 movies of all time, when some one questions me about the best of tollywood!...So I thought of taking all my blog visitors support in preparing this list!

I dont mind including even dubbed movies (such as Nayakudu, Police Story, Roja, Vichitra Sodharulu, Sivaji, Bhaarateeyudu etc.,) but my intension is to know public opinion on this, which would certainly help me in finalizing the list.

Few parameters that I wanted you to consider while preparing the list are:
  1. Kindly share the top 10 Movies from the depth of your heart considering the final product, that has a great team work (irrespective of whether it has your favorite hero, director or technician)
  2. Rank them according to the content, performances and basic idea of the movie
  3. The movie might be of any genre / theme - we should consider only if it has done 100% justice to its theme or not.
  4. "Only Musical Hits" such as Orange - cannot be included into the list.
  5. Remember - Great contribution from every technician (Story, Dialogues, Direction, Music Direction, Cinematography etc.,) along with Excellent Performances by every actor and actress will help the project becoming a classic.
  6. Kindly discuss about this topic with your movie loving parents / grand parents to know more about movies like Missamma, Badi Panthulu, Rangula Ratnam, Shaukaru, Gundammakatha, Sudigundalu etc., and share your views on telugu cinema of golden era.
  7. Kindly share your thoughts with a single line - before including a particular movie to the list.
I would like to come up with a wonderful blog post called "The History of Telugu Cinema - Tollywood" very soon. This should inspire my blog readers to come up with more ideas.

Please write your opinions on the comment sections of this blog....expecting a good number of result for this meaningful cause (My intention is to provide a very good / quality list of telugu movies to movie lovers who would search for such list on Web, through my blogspot).
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