Monday, June 6, 2011

Bike Accident (Oka Kukka Valla) - Leg Fracture..

1st Day of Tenth Month, after marriage
I met with an accident! Most unfortunately both of us are on the bike, when the stupid dog came suddenly opposing our way...

I had a zero chance to get rid of it, in fact I hardly saw that dog running under my bike. But fortunately my wife is out of injuries, main reason being I was at a speed of under 30KMPH (as it was a local street I always maintain low speed).

People around the spot immediately responded and helped us in many ways - they took both of us aside of the road, get us some water to drink & started cleaning my wounds, they also provided us with haldi and move balm for the injuries.

Surprisingly my new bike is still looking new with just a single mark on the safety rod, leaving my left leg fractured!!

I have immediately called up my cousins to the spot, they took both of us on two bikes and insisted me to goto hospital. I have then decided to wait until the next morning, after bearing the pain for one full night, I was taken to the diagnosis center for X-Ray report followed by Hospital for the surgery.

Doctors insisted me for the Ankle Surgery with K-Wires and other tools, discharged me on 3rd June after 4 days of my spent in the hospital for the surgery. Now I am feeling comfortable!

Wish me a speedy recovery :)
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