Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chaitanya's review on Kites Movie

I saw Kites movie on 22nd May, 2010.

I felt that this Script is not for Indians, rather it is a typical hollywood script. Performances were good, Hrithik's Dance in the first song was amazing (including Kangana's), romance was the only scope for him on this movie. Barbara's performance is also attractive with limited scope to perform. Picturization was extremely good and the background score is brilliant. Last song in the movie is melodious and meaningful, Climax of the movie is dissappointing.

Screenplay of the movie is awesome, though morethan 60% of the movie is picturized on chasing, editing and screenplay work was superb.

Finally, watching Kites movie is worth a penny, but somehow Kites does not provokes to watch it second time.
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